Take Advantage of 1.2 Trillion Searches with Backlinks

Take Advantage of 1.2 Trillion Searches with Backlinks

According to modern statistics, the 7 billion people inhabiting our "blue marble" engage in billions of web searches on a daily basis, totaling more than 1.2 trillion across the 2016 calendar year. As time goes on, this total number of searches spread across sites like Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Baidu - the most popular search engine in the world's most populated country, China - is bound to steadily increase.

The aforementioned search engines, including virtually every search engine in the entire world, takes into consideration hundreds of variables including the presence of popular keywords and long-tail strings of such words on a website and its many pages, whether that page is talked about on popular websites that are reputable - think of news sources including Forbes and Time, as well as sites that are credible and directly related to the field a particular web page operates in - and the security of a website, including whether it uses end-to-end encryption to prevent unauthorized users from picking up on tranmissions of data packets between sites and their many visitors.

One of the most important variables that factor into the performance of a website in search engine results is backlinks, hyperlinks that send users directly to the website in question.

What Factors Weigh Into The Quality Of Backlinks?

Let's take into consideration, as an example, the search engine ranking of a webpage related to finance. The site informs users of whether to invest in various stocks, bonds, and commodities, and includes information related to current events regarding those public companies' stocks, various countries' bonds, and so on.

If another site links directly to that financial website, it should be related to financial markets itself. The site(s) with such backlinks should be from trusted sources, like whether a site is encrypted with HTTPS.

GSA Backlinks

GSA is a backlink builder that creates backlinks in high volume. GSA's creation of these backlinks is entirely automated.

In general, GSA should only be used for tier 2 backlinks, or secondary links to top-notch, high-quality direct links to the website you're trying to improve the search engine ranking of.

Link Building Backlinks Off-Site SEO SEO Basics

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