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Think about some of the massive e-commerce platforms and ask yourself what they all have in common. One of the answers that should come to mind is engaging copy that is optimized for web searches. SEO copy done right is a hard skill to master, but one can learn valuable lessons from studying how e-commerce giants approach this work. When you visit Amazon, eBay, or Groupon you will find that every piece of web copy has been created with intent. There is a need to describe products accurately and make them appealing to shoppers, but there is also a need to rank product descriptions in search engines. Yes, even Amazon faces the same SEO challenges that are faced by a small businesses. Shopify, Walmart, and Costco are just a few examples of large Internet retailers that write good SEO copy. You can use these companies to model your own SEO efforts. Pay attention to how these retailers use economy of language to describe their products. They do not fill web pages with fluff. Each product description is built around the use of specific keywords and phrases that serve the dual goals of SEO and visitor engagement. You'll also notice that SEO doesn't get in the way of good copy. SEO is important, but the trick is to accomplish search engine optimization in a non-obtrusive way. It should never be apparent to the shopper that a retailer is trying to rank for keywords. That is something you will never observe from large e-commerce sites. It would also be fair to say that successful Internet retailers use a holistic approach to SEO. It is not seen as a process of ranking one product, but in terms of how ranking individual products contributes to the ranking of the site as a whole. The sum is greater than its individual parts. Before you spend another fruitless day trying to puzzle out the secret to good e-commerce web copy, visit your favorite retailers and see what the companies are doing. You know that this approach is effective. If it weren't these businesses would not have become retail giants. For more information click here

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