Smart SEO Specialists and Developers Use These Free Keyword Tools

Every search engine optimization professional should have a paid subscription to a reputable keyword research tool such as Ahrefs, but there are times when using free tools will make sense. Instead of trusting a single keyword source, SEO professionals should get second and even third opinions, particularly when working on projects that seek to rank based on the strength of key phrases. The following free keyword research tools will help SEO practitioners in terms of getting a good feel for what competitors and internet users are looking for: * Google Keyword Planner: This should always be the first step even when a paid subscription service is used. Google has a vested interest for keeping this free tool updated; after all, this is what AdWords clients use when planning their online advertising campaigns. * Google Suggest: The power of this default search bar feature for the Chrome browser should not be underestimated. The key is to try various semantic combinations that make sense. * Moz Tool: For a free tool, Moz actually provides plenty of information. In addition to search volume and ranking opportunities, Moz will also provide data about sites that link to the competition. * Serpstat: While the actual keyword information provided by the free version of this tool is pretty light, the backlink data is on an almost premium level. With Serpstat, you can actually see the history of your backlinks as well as the performance of your competitors. Since backlinking is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO in 2019, this tool is certainly worth using. * Ubersuggest: This tool is based on Google Suggest but offers interesting enhancements. A good idea is to combine this tool with the next one during the initial stages of keyword research. * SEMrush: The paid version of this tool is often considered to be as good as Ahrefs, and its free version offers lots of information about what competitors are doing right. For more information click here

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