Small Tricks For Making Local SEO Tactics Work For A Business

If your business serves multiple cities, your can create a unique landing page for each area served if you have a physical location there. It's helpful to visitors who want more than an address and a phone number and it's good for local SEO too. Get each landing page its own Google Business listing and your landing pages for your business may show up in local packs.

Unique Content

Content on each landing page must be unique. Don't just use the same content and change the city name. Differentiate the service or products you offer for each location. If you have car rental branches, talk about renting a car to visit local attractions. The employees at branches are an invaluable source of information about the communities where they live and work.

Other Ideas for Content

Use images if appropriate to your industry. Make sure the ALT text mentions the city. If you have a retail company, add images of the inside and outside of your store. Include driving directions for more unique content. Reviews are another way to differentiate your city landing pages. If you don't have enough reviews directly from customers, link to your Yelp or Google reviews. You can also highlight management for each location with a photo and welcome message from each manager.


Having unique landing pages gives Google the opportunity to return the best results possible. If a person is searching for custom teddy bears and does not specify a location, Google will likely return your local store landing page URL if you offer this service, along with online stores because they want to be as helpful as possible. Use subdirectories to create landing pages and put links for all of your landing pages on each landing page.

Creating dedicated landing pages is a lot of work but it can increase conversions and give your SEO a boost. For more information click here

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