Simple & Easy Tips to Succeed as an SEO Professional

A person who is beginning their work as an SEO professional reached out to the community of more seasoned SEO workers and wanted to know their top recommendations for resources. They are looking for printed and digital books, websites, tools, newsletters, magazines and more. They are open to using any tool that will help them onboard to this career.

One person wrote back with a tip that SEO is big, so the original poster may need to hone their quest to a specific area of SEO in order to get more helpful resources. The same person suggested going to YouTube and filtering for the most popular videos from last year and this year. The original poster could ten take a look at the keywords and phrases in the video description as well as whether or not the talking in the video had been translated into text that Google's algorithms could rate for SERPs.

Another person replied with a suggestion to subscribe to Kindle unlimited. This would allow the original poster to gain access to a lot of how-to resources and user guides for SEO in different environments and for different purposes. This person also noted that if the original poster has an Amazon Prime membership, there will be a lot of helpful material available at no cost even without a Kindle unlimited membership.

A person suggested that the original poster use the Search Engine Journal website. This site offers guest posts and articles that would be helpful to a beginner in SEO. Specifically, this respondent mentioned three blog posts that the original poster should read. One of those was a list of 140 SEO professionals to follow. While some of the links in the post might be out of date, it would be a good resource for both learning and inspiration.

Finally, another person provided a list of some helpful tools that the original poster could consider using. They included both free and paid tools such as SEM Rush, Udemy, Skillshare, MOZ, Pathfinder SEO and private Facebook groups for SEO professionals. These resources would get the person started with ease. For more information click here

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