Should You Be Posting Original Blog Posts on Medium?

Should you post your articles to Medium and other blogs? Should you rewrite your articles, so they aren't considered duplicate content? Let's answer those questions below.

Posting Articles To Medium And Other Blogs Posting articles to Medium is worthwhile. If you decide to publish your existing articles, then set the canonical URL within your Medium account. This URL will point to the site where your article is currently published. Medium has a high Alexa rank, so articles on the site can and do often rank well.

However publishing your articles to other blogs are only worth it if the blogs have a high Alexa rank. As long as the rank is anywhere between 100K and 500K, then it might be worth publishing to blogs. Generally speaking, it is better to post on Medium than most other blogs.

The two main reasons why you want to post articles to Medium is:

. For link building purposes. Medium can send a good amount of traffic to your website. You can build an audience on MediumRewriting Your Articles Is A Good Idea Although posting articles to Medium is worthwhile, you will want to rewrite your articles. Google and other search engines aren't a fan of duplicate content, even if Medium allows you to publish it (as long as you make it known via a Canonical URL). Plus, by publishing original and unique content to Medium and other blogs, it will stand a better chance of ranking high in the search engines results pages.

Posting your articles to Medium and other blogs is a great idea. There are many benefits of doing it, but you'll definitely want to rewrite your articles. By publishing unique articles to Medium and other blogs, your articles will likely perform better on the sites they are published on, and in the search engines results pages. For more information click here

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