SEO Professionals Face Difficulties When Looking for Quality Jobs

Finding a good job in the industry is a problem many SEO professionals face. There are many SEO agencies offering entry-level positions, but it's not like schools are churning out SEO experts eager for their first job. Individuals with good skills learn SEO by operating their own websites; an entry-level job does not pay enough for them. It's more lucrative for them to freelance or operate their own websites.

Freelance SEO professionals Face problems too. It’s difficult to explain an expensive service which takes months to show results and which the clients don’t understand. Some clients assume there is a magic wand an SEO professional can wave and magically move their site to the top on the first page of Google’s search results.

One of the biggest challenges SEO experts face is working on a low-quality website. Clients want budget SEO services, but it’s tough to get them legitimate, high-quality links when no one wants to link to a low-quality website. Many of these clients bought a plan for an creating a money-making affiliate website with very little work. They’re told it’s a good way to earn a passive income once they launch the site. There’s little an SEO professional can do with a blog set up for posting for affiliate links.

Setting expectations is also a challenge. No one can guarantee Google will rank a site well for a specific keyword, but clients get quotes from SEO agencies that promise results and wonder why you can’t do the same thing. Sometimes you can’t get a new website to rank for a high competition keyword when major brands hold the top spots. Find opportunities with long-tail keywords which have less competition.

Competing with in-house SEO teams is also a problem today. Large organizations often hire their own SEO professionals, leaving agencies with the less lucrative small business accounts which leads to layoffs at SEO agencies. For more information click here

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