SEO Is Often the Hardest Part of a Paid Project

Content marketing is an important aspect of search engine optimization, and blog posts are still very effective even in the age of YouTube, TikTok, and other mobile video platforms. Something that is interesting about blog posts is that they tend to achieve rank very quickly in the beginning; once they reach the second search engine results page (SERP), they seem to get stuck there for a while.

If one of your blog posts is targeting specific keywords but does not seem to advance past the second SERP, a good strategy would be create a separate post, one that is even more niche and technical than the first one, but you also want to add some tangential ideas. The key is to use the first post as the basis of the second one; keep it in mind as you are writing so that it is almost like a sequel, but you also want to expand the interest.

Once you have completed the body of the second article, run it by SEO tools such as Moz so that it gets green check marks on issues such as keyword density and tags. You will want to link to the original post before publishing. The next step is to return to first post and add a section either at the beginning or the end; you want to let readers know that more information is available in the new post where you will be linking to.

This kind of internal linking is a clear SEO signal that even Google search engine algorithm engineers admit is highly recommended. As for targeting the same keywords with multiple blog posts, you really have to be careful about it unless your project is a news publishing platform. If you have longtail keywords or key phrases, it is always better to cover all of them with longer blog posts.

You should not be worried about writing content that is going to end up competing with other sections of your website. Please note that SEO may not be the most efficient goal for your client's project; if you think that social media strategies will attract more valuable visitors, don't be afraid to bring it up. For more information click here

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