SEO: Will it Really Increase Your Site Ranking?

A person posed a question in a large online community centered around the discussion of SEO. They said that they have done SEO on their own website for eight months by following YouTube courses offered by Neil Patel and Backlinko. They have also read some articles. This person took a look at their site rankings and found little to no improvement. They wanted to know if those resources are giving accurate information on their free tutorials. They also wanted to know where they can find useful tutorials and tricks that work. The individual does not want to waste any more of their time on ineffective resources, even if those resources are free.

A lot of experienced SEO professionals understood this person's issue and offered suggestions on resources they could use. Some of the available free resources that were suggested to the original poster included Brian Dean, but they added some caveats about the usefulness of his advice. Someone else suggested that the original poster take a look at Ahref's blogs and videos. They also added SEMRush's webinars. The same person did not find Neil Patel's advice to be accurate or useful. Some of the paid resources that were suggested included Traffic Think Tank. Several people reminded the original poster that almost all of the free resources are top level and best practices. What the original poster really needs to do is practice SEO.

Other people had advice for the original poster. One of them reminded the original poster that quality back links are nearly as important as SEO when it comes to getting ranked on Google. They also wanted to know what niche the site is in. This commentator stated that if the original poster's niche is in any type of topic, product or service provided by a Fortune 500 company, then chances are next to zero that they will get a first page ranking on Google for any of their keywords or phrases. It is nearly impossible to outrank one of those top companies that essentially has an unlimited amount of marketing funds for their SEO and backlink operations. For more information click here

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