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Off-site SEO is usually seen as the efforts made by competitive websites' owners to socially engage other websites in the hopes that they will provide backlinks. When search engines assign rankings to websites and thus determine whether they will appear among the top listed items for users conducting searches for the terms relevant to those websites' industries, they consider the presence of a good number of backlinks without the "nofollow" element to be a strong qualifier for a high ranking. This might make it seem to laymen as though they can perform all necessary on-site SEO for their websites while saving all off-site SEO tasks for later, but there are some ways in which a website's on-site SEO should be handled with a plan for conducting later off-site SEO already in mind. For example, a website that is dependent on promoting specific products or services should be structured so that each product occupies its own page. The owner's social outreach efforts can then proceed by presenting links to those specific pages instead of merely informing potential audiences about the site in general. Ideally, the owner would be trying to increase the ranking of product pages that have already been established on search engines because of their relative popularity. These pages are the likeliest to garner even more conversions when the owner's off-site efforts direct the attention of potential audiences toward them. More generalized practices related to backlinks include having an SEO utility list all of the website's current backlinks so that any that are located at unsavory sources such as sites with a lot of spam or objectionable content can be either removed or disavowed. Meanwhile, it is not frowned upon to use these same utilities to look at the current backlinks of one's competitors in order to subsequently focus on getting backlinks for one's own website from the same online sources. Finally, deliberately leaving some backlinks with the "nofollow" element can help the website's overall chances for higher search rankings because Google considers those to indicate a site that is likelier to be legitimate in the long run. For more information click here

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