Review the Google Reasonable Surfer Update About SEO and SERPs

Ever since Google released an updated take on its page-ranking methodology referred to as its "Reasonable Surfer" model, contemporary web design has seen fit to place a website's links to its less immediately relevant sections within its page footers. These tend to be where links to legal information such as a website's privacy policy are relegated. The navigation elements that are typically within the immediate reach of audiences at the top of a given page is where a website places links to its most relevant pages of interest.

When Google's ranking algorithms examine a website's internal link structure, they are naturally inclined to award less credit for SEO "juice" to links made up of words such as "About Us" and "Privacy Policy" because Google willfully assumes the universal expectation that people surfing the web are unlikely to click those particular links. Google similarly reinforces the trend of keeping such links at the bottom areas of pages because the average Internet user's level of engagement is naturally at its highest when a page is first opened at its top position.

Some web designers and business owners wonder whether it would technically improve the likelihood that their websites' most pertinent pages will receive high traffic if the prominent internal links pointing to those pages are included in both the top-level navigation elements and the oft-overlooked page footers. Even though the lack of potential SEO juice value for footer links might render that idea pointless, there is little indication that Google's hidden algorithms would penalize a website's SEO credit over that. Furthermore, there is some justification for the view that audience members who would be directly helped by certain pages' contents and services would be better served if links to them are spread across multiple areas.

Whether important top-level internal links should be additionally placed in page footers is a judgment call for webmasters to make so long as they are thinking in terms of whether doing so would help their users' purposes. It should not be approached cynically as part of a question over how to gain an SEO advantage. For more information click here

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