Recommended Tips To Prevent Website Hacking

Any site can be the victim of a hacking. Even large corporate sites get hacked and infiltrated with ransomware or simply filled with malicious codes that create spam or spread a message that the site's owner does not want to display. After a hacking event, SEO can be severely damaged. Google's algorithms may remove pages from its ranking system, which could lead to a huge loss of traffic. For the owner or developer of a site, recovering the SEO and repairing the damage to the site are of utmost importance. One developer sought help after their site was infiltrated by the Japanese keyword hack. This is a scam in which a site is filled with links to counterfeit products and junk affiliate link pages. It damages the site's reputation and causes the Google algorithms to drop it like a hot potato. Several other developers offered recommendations for swift and effective actions to take after the Japanese keyword attack or any other type of hacking event. An action that developers can take is to use a dedicated server for the site. This server should not have anything else running on it, other than an antivirus program. Secured hosting is your best chance at avoiding a repeat hack on your site. If you must use a shared server, set your files to least privileged status. Another recommendation is to make sure that there are no writable files open to the public on your site. These are easy targets. Your site should also not have any public directories on it. Hackers target those. You don't need to make the hacker's job easier. Next, visit Google Search Console. Check to see if your site has any messages from hackers. Take a look at whether or not the Google crawlers have identified any malware on your site. This information is available under the "security issues" tab. Take a look at incoming links to your site. If you see new incoming links that are timed in accordance with the hacking, disallow them. Write a content security policy and always use "https" encryption for your site's content. For more information click here

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