Recommendations About Measuring Page Loading Speeds for Search Engine Optimization

A person in a large SEO community shared that they did some page speed tests, and their results do not make a lot of sense. They use Pingdom. On their first scan, it said it was going to take 1.96 seconds to load. The person then installed a lazy loader plugin, then it dropped to 1.38 seconds. The person noticed there was a large, uncompressed video on the page. They compressed it from 128 megabytes to 50 megabytes. Now the time to load has gone up to 4 seconds, and the total page size dropped from 130 megabytes to 3 megabytes.

The video is on their page and works fine. They do not understand how Pingdom does not find the video and how the page takes three times as long to load without the video. They tried speed tests on Page Speed's site, and it showed a 19.2 second loading time. Their site is WordPress-based and runs on the Pearl theme. The individual is hoping to get some advice and feedback.

One person wanted to know why the original poster loaded a large video on their site. They said the site owner should load it onto YouTube or Vimeo and embed it. They also suggested using GTmetrix for page speed testing. They found it to be a better tool.

Another person said that images without optimization are a common cause of website slowness. They suggested that the original poster check their page for high-resolution images that could be slowing the loading time. An individual suggested that the original poster stop using page testing tools and instead use a real browser, such as Mach Metrics or Speed Curve. They also told the original poster to measure their speed more than once and to clear the cache between tests.

Someone mentioned variables that affect test results. They include client and server hardware, network speed, network latency and stability of the network connection. They said to test multiple times in a row and use the median value. Another person said the original poster should try GZip for their video files on the site. For more information click here

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