Programmers Give Advice on Creating SEO Magic

A coder recently asked their colleagues for examples of what they think are the best types of sites. The categories that this programmer wants to take a look at include eCommerce, directory and service sites. The poster wants to know about some of the best sites and what those sites are doing that makes them better than most of the other ones out there.

One person replied that they go to Google's top rankings for a category. This will show the sites with the most traffic, best loading speed and optimal landing page layouts. A person could do this for any service provider or niche type, such as plumbers in a particular place.

Another person responded with a tip to use SEMRush. Their content marketing page would allow the original poster to input search terms such as "Chicago plumber" or "emergency plumber" and get a listing of the best sites. SEMRush can also be used to check the back links of their site as well as the overall quality of the site.

A colleague also replied with a tip that Moz has a video called something to the effect of "the best eCommerce site in the world." Searching for this video would allow the original poster to take a look at a site that is highly rated by peers in the world of SEO and web development.

One marketing expert replied that it depends on what type of SEO the original person is trying to examine. No site will have 100 percent on SEO, but taking a look at a specific type, such as local SEO, can narrow down the options and hone in on some great examples.

Another programmer noted that the person should just go to some sites that are user-friendly and see what makes them that way. The person suggested sites including BBC from the UK, the Google search page and Amazon. The BBC offers a user-friendly interface, Google offers a simple and accessible layout, and Amazon's eCommerce setup is one of the best in the world. These tips will give the person some strategies to use. For more information click here

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