Person Gets Info on Whether or Not Guest Blogs Deliver

A website owner has received a lot of emails from guest post writers. These writers create long articles and links for a good price. They wanted to know if this is a good approach to use for SEO. The original poster wanted to know if this approach is a good idea or a waste of money. They care that the domain authority is legitimate and that the link is a "do follow" one. They also want each article to be unique, long enough and useful.

One person said their opinion might be unpopular, but they shared it anyway. In their opinion, the guest post links won't deliver much of a boost. It's also likely that the link will soon disappear, get replaced or update to one with a no follow attribute. The page could also get blocked from meta robot crawlers. This person shared their justification and experience that lead to their opinion.

Another person agreed with all of what the first commentator said. Someone else disagreed. In their experience, they have seen guest posts work will if they are carefully implemented. Another person said that the original poster needs to consider more than domain authority. Their suggestions for the original poster included finding out how much organic traffic the link gets and if it has a good rank and high domain authority. They also said to consider whether or not it is obvious that the posts are paid guest posts. Finally, this commentator added that if the posts or links are about CBD, adult topics or gambling, not to bother.

A few people told the original poster to look at return on investment. The person should consider where their site ranks now and why they aren't able to produce their own quality content. The topics of the website where the back links come from should also be considered. If the site is all sales and no content, then it will not help the original poster get much traffic or a big return on their investment. In all, the commentators suggested a careful analysis of costs and benefits of guests. For more information click here

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