Online Community Critiques Proposed Peer Critique Thread

In a large group that discusses website designs, a person wondered if a daily thread for critiquing each other's work could be established. In this person's vision, anyone could jump in to criticize a site if they want to. A person could also share a link to their site in order to get some feedback. This individual assumed that people could get feedback in a specific way and at no cost.

One person replied with thoughts about a single thread instead of daily one. They thought a new thread every day would take up too much space in the page. Another person suggested a weekly thread. Someone else suggested a new page for this.

A person said they are part of a forum for local SEO. It offers a space to add a site or Google My Business for community reviews. Somebody said they created a sub page for this, and they asked people to join them on it. One person said that such a thread would be more useful than a lot of the stuff they see posted in the forum. An individual who didn't like the idea said people don't usually want to be identified, and some might not be willing to share their sites on such a thread or page.

A different person said that their site doesn't rank well, but its pages are all indexed. Their site is not safe for work. A different person added that they liked the idea and wondered if it could be extended to adult subjects. Somebody else thinks those threads could quickly devolve. Others added that there are too many conflicting opinions for such a thread to be useful.

A few people liked the idea, but they thought posting links could result in a spam filter in the forum. Some people might also use the thread as a way to up their traffic levels. The thread would need a lot of moderation. They suggested that it could be done, but it would require a lot of support and time in order to make it work the way people would prefer. For more information click here

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