New eCommerce Tool Designed To Help Developers Grow Their Websites

Many website developers are working on eCommerce sites. Savvy business owners know that people want to be able to order products online and get them delivered to their doorsteps. An eCommerce site makes that a lot easier. Finding a way to build a secure, authentic, trustworthy and easy to navigate site can be a challenge, and a lot of developers are always on the lookout for helpful resources. ECommerce web developers could benefit from a wide variety of resources. They might want resources on SEO so that their sites can be found when a consumer conducts an organic search for a product that is available on the site. They may also need help with setting up the right links and putting SEO into the links. Tags are another aspect, as is quality content in the product descriptions. An experienced eCommerce platform developer has created a free resource that is available for other developers to use. This resource includes 16 pages of content in a Google document. Most of those pages consist of text, but there are 10 images, a few charts and color graphs for visual aids. This content provider asked other eCommerce coders to take a look at the resource and see if they found none, a little, some, most or all of it to be helpful for their projects. One person who reviewed the document commented that it had a lot of helpful examples. Seeing those step-by-step examples provided that user with the ideal level of visual information to accompany the written text in the document. Several people also expressed interest in reviewing the document and using it as a resource in their work. They thanked the content's creator in advance. It is surprising that so many people would be willing to directly contact a stranger and ask for a link to a document that would automatically download onto their device. People should do this with caution and be sure to run a malware and anti-virus check before they open any links or download any files. You never know when a free resource could be a nefarious scam. For more information click here

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