Moderators of Online Forums Should Always Use a FAQ Section

No matter what forum you are in online, there will be that one question that gets asked every week. Sometimes, the question gets asked every day. This gets tedious for the people who read the forum daily. It is inevitable that new people will have some of the same questions. In order to prevent the older and more experienced forum users from leaving en masse, managers and moderators should make some efforts to direct newbies to a section that will answer the basics about how to use the forum and the most frequently asked questions. This cuts down on user frustration and makes it easier for people to find what they need. In a popular SEO forum, new visitors ask a question about having an SEO tools list almost every day. These new forum visitors want to know what the best tool is, or the easiest tool to use or the most affordable or cheapest tool. The people who have been around for a while get tired of seeing it and answering it. They want to answer the more technical questions or at least see fresh things on the forum's pages. Moderators would do well to add a FAQ to the side bar. New users would be directed there. If they asked a question too many times, they could have their membership suspended until they have verified that they read the FAQs and side bar information. This one simple thing would keep old users happy and help new users know what they are getting into when they join the forum. Over time, commonly asked questions may change. This is because tech trends change. Fewer people are asking what a good desktop monitor is these days because more people use smartphones. In some cases, the FAQs section will need to be updated. Some questions might need to be archived. Old threads that contain valuable information could be archived and indexed for future use. Being able to peruse those archives would give a new user a sense of the forum's history and what hey can expec in the range of appropriate answers. For more information click here

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