Major fluctuations in website rankings appear with algorithm updates.

As a website developer or SEO provider, it is important for you to keep up with the ranking of your site or any site that you manage on a regular basis. Many site managers have noticed a considerable amount of fluctuations over the past few weeks. The changes began around the end of February. One person wondered if other people noticed the same thing or if it was just the site that this developer manages. Many people have noticed changes around the same time. One person noted that Moz seems to have implemented an algorithm update. Some people noticed that their traffic had not decreased, but their SERP had. Other people noticed that some aspects of their site had gone down, but their ranking had not. Whenever this happens, site managers should compare strategies in order to find out if one particular SEO strategy has lead to a drop versus a rise after an algorithm update. The problem is that a lot of SEO managers are reluctant to divulge their strategies for fear that if theirs is successful, others will copy it and steal some of their traffic. A developer would have to weigh the pros of getting useful information from the coding community versus the cons of letting the cat out of the bag. A few coders wondered if their significant drops were a result of some kind of an attack or hack intrusion. It is always a good idea to check on this when you notice a big drop in your rank. You need to check if someone might have inserted a bunch of zero value back links into your site, causing the algorithms to drop it in the SERPs. Another developer noted that Google pushed a mobile first update on March 1. Any site that is not optimized for the mobile environment may have seen a drop as a result of that update. If a site is not already optimized for mobile devices, there is no reason to keep putting it off. A large majority of Americans and international consumers use smartphones for their primary internet access. For more information click here

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