Learn White Hat SEO Tricks from Blackhatworld.com (Be Careful!)

Learn White Hat SEO Tricks from Blackhatworld.com (Be Careful!)

If you are new to SEO, white hat SEO tactics are strategies recommended by Google while black hat tricks game the system. Black hat tactics will incur a penalty from Google, however, initially a website will magically rise in the search results pages (SERPS).

Blackhatworld is an online community of people discussing SEO, marketing, making money online and a broad range of other, related topics. The site has a reputation as a place to buy backlinks and learn about other black hat SEO strategies. Perhaps surprisingly however, the site is also one of the best places to learn about white hat SEO - with the exception of 10 Best SEO, of course!

Freelancers offer their services on the site and there are many users looking to hire a freelancer. The majority of people on BlackHatWorld want someone to write fake reviews or give them a backlink from their authoritative blog. Both will help with SEO, but Google will eventually catch on. Nevertheless, there are people seeking content writers who will write quality content for them, which is a white hat SEO tactic.

The community of white hat SEO members offers the best advice you will find on the Internet. The most recent posts are guides for newbies, information on how to hire an SEO agency and advice about incorporating long tail keywords into content; this information is invaluable. The information is from people who practice what they preach and they are willing to share their secrets. Anyone who is doing their own SEO should read BlackHatWorld's white hat guides and take advantage of the free white hat tools, such as logo makers, invoice generators and more.

Even BlackHatWorld's sketchy posts are informative because it is easy to learn about ethical SEO by learning what not to do, plus the site is entertaining. It's amazing the lengths people will go to have their blog on the first page of the SERPS.

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