Learn the Diverse Benefits of Exploring the Google UX Playbook

The Google user experience (UX) Playbooks are a best-practices source that people can turn to when they need to know what Google looks for when its algorithms trawl the internet. Google selects some of the best sites and features them as examples of great design, layout, features and functions. Being selected as a participant in the Google UX Playbooks is often considered an honor by site owners. Getting a spot on the Google UX Playbook is an even bigger honor when a company has a slim IT staff. One company recently honored with a spot on the list noted that their IT and marketing team consists of one search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, one user experience developer and one person who handles four pay per click marketing campaigns. This type of a slim staff has to work hard in order to make a big impact on Google, and it seems that they have managed to do so with great success. Blogs and Twitter are an ideal way to keep up with which companies have been honored by a spot on the Google UX Playbook. By following key marketing and web development blog and Twitter feeds, a person who works in this industry can stay on top of the features and functions that Google focuses on when making an example out of a great website. The Google UX Playbook goes in depth about what makes the site so great. It highlights some of the best features and offers inspiration to other web developers and marketing strategists. While it is not a good idea to simply copy what has worked for another site owner, the goal of the Google UX Playbook is to show off what customers like and what Google analyzes as a high-performance site. The Google UX Playbook is also an excellent place for marketers to go for free SEO tips. Those tips can be put into action for updating a site's SEO and possibly achieving a better SERP through Google's search algorithms. There is always more to learn in SEO, and the Google UX Playbook is an excellent resource. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/adgd40/googleuxplaybooks_proprietaryconfidential/.

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