Learn How to Spot SEO Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Shady SEO companies abound. They pray on both knowledgeable business owners and those who know very little about SEO. You would imagine someone who knows a lot about SEO wouldn't fall prey to a scam, but if the firm knows what to say and they have low rates, it's tempting to take a chance. Busy business owners who know SEO can justify buying their service because their time is better spent running their business.

When SEO companies charge too little, it's a sure sign they are not providing comprehensive service. SEO can cost $1,000 a month or more, perhaps a little less for small businesses with websites under five pages. Link building and creating content take just as long for a small site as a large website, so don't expect a large discount.

Websites don't rank better quickly. If your website hasn't moved up in the search engine results page in several months, don't panic. Even the most reputable SEO firms can produce immediate results. SEO can take five or six months to show results.

What you should see every two weeks or every month is a report of what your SEO has done to help improve your ranking. For example, local businesses should get a list of citations the SEO firm built on their behalf. They should also provide a list of login information for each citation site so you can change the details if necessary.

To judge to the quality an SEO service provides, look carefully at the content they create for you. Are blog posts grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Content should engage readers and have a compelling title. It should also reflect positively on your company.

Stay away from SEO companies which promise you’ll be on page one of Google’s search results for a keyword of your choice. No one knows what Google will do except Google. Anyone can get you on page one for your company name so don’t let top ranking position hype fool you.

Always check online reviews before signing a contact or paying any money. If you notice many bad reviews, run! For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/ezwhgf/buyerbewareofthisscammingseocompanyyoumay/.

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