Keeping up with SEO Trends and News

Keeping up with the latest SEO news is essential if you're a publisher or SEO professional. Unfortunately, many of us are busy and when our day is over, we just want to go home and spend time with the family. Reading SEO blogs is the last thing most of us want to do.

If you have a commute to work, either in your own car or on public transportation, you can still learn about SEO by listening to podcasts. Below are some highly rated SEO and content marketing podcasts which have up-to-date information.

SEO 101 Podcast

If you can only listen to one SEO 101 Podcast series. There are over 350 episodes by seasoned SEO pros who talk about optimizing sites for all size businesses. They've had John Mueller from Google and other famous guests. The best part is that they take questions from their large online community and talk about them on the next show. While most of the information is basic, there are also episodes about more advanced topics.

The Search Engine Journal Show

The only reason this podcast series isn't at the top of the list is their blog of the same name is so useful. If you read any blogs, you probably already read Search Engine Journal. In this weekly series, the host interviews an SEO expert for fresh insights about digital marketing and SEO.

Search Talk Live

Search Talk Live is hosted by Robert O’Haver, an industry expert with almost 20 year's experience. He frequently features industry experts who talk about SEO, digital marketing, SEM and more. Search Talk Live stresses white hat SEO and the pitfalls of using black hat techniques.


Webcology hosts Jim Hedger and Dave Davies have hundreds of episodes under their belt. They offer the latest SEO news and fresh perspectives from guests. For more information click here

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