Is Voice Search Optimization the Future of Building Online Business?

By 2020, experts predict half of all searches will be voice searches. Smart speakers are more popular than ever and voice search recognition is becoming very accurate, so the percentage could be even higher than predicted. Publishers are desperate to optimize for voice search but they are not sure how voice optimization differs from traditional SEO.

SEMrush recently analyzed voice search results and found that nearly 80 percent of the answers to voice search queries came from the top three websites in the SERPs. They also found the same ranking factors which give a website a top ranking position so webmasters who are on top the latest best practices won’t have to do too much to optimize for voice.

Best practices for voice optimization, as well as traditional optimization include HTTPS as opposed to HTTP, very fast loading times and having a Featured Snippet. It also helps to have text which is easily readable and arranged in a question-and-answer format. Keeping content at a grade eight reading level is also supposed to help since it is the level a majority of Americans can read and understand. Certain websites, such as futures trading sites, will find their target audience has a higher reading level.

Optimizing for voice search is imperative for local businesses since most searches are for a local business. Other popular voice searches, such as ones for the weather or the time are not worth monetizing. Consumers also search for certain information but once they have the answer, they don't need to visit the website. They use their smart home speaker or smartphone because they are too busy to look at a screen. For now, many SEO firms are urging their local business clients to optimize for voice search, however, they are waiting to see how consumers will shop online using voice commands. For more information click here

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