Hubspot: The Perfect Resource for Digital Marketing Newbies

Newbies to digital marketing and SEO often come across Hubspot; a learning resource, CRM and marketing platform. There are some good reasons to use Hubspot, however, it's possible to get stuck paying a lot of money for migrating your blog to their platform.

The Hubspot combined content management system users to build a website from scratch or with the templates provided. Their claim to fame is the ability to customize content to the user's location and language. Hubsport also offers blogging software which is very similar to WordPress. People have said online that their blogging system is expensive and difficult to use. The marketing and SEO tools they provide are easily found elsewhere. HubSpot Marketing Hub Basic cost $2,400 per year for their responsive blogging tool with integrated CMS. For this, you get an agency behind you which can help you design your site, landing pages and email templates. You also get support for your digital marketing efforts.

Hubspot also has a free forever CRM with pipeline management, prospect tracking and more. As with most freemium services, there are paid plans with more options. You could end up paying $50 to $3,200 a month for their CRM software.

If you just want to learn more about blogging and digital marketing, Hubspot has excellent, free resources. The free CRM isn't bad either. If you want to build a website or blog, you can buy hosting for under $5 a month and install WordPress. You can purchase premium SEO plugins and digital marketing tools for far less than what Hubspot charges.

Going it on your own is more difficult, however, there are so many free resources available that anyone can operate a website or blog successfully if they do their homework. If you don't want to do it on your own, Hubspot is a legitimate company offering to help for a fee. For more information click here

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