How To Write Guest Posts That Get Targeted SEO Traffic

To some search engine optimization professionals, guest posts may seem outdated methods to boost online visibility, but when you consider how much emphasis Google continues to place on inbound links, guest posting feels like a relevant practice. The backlink is the most important factor for SEO professionals, but marketing experts will tell you that the right target audience reached with engaging content are better than any inbound links.

The guest post management process invariably starts with a pitch. The next step is to research the various outlets to be targeted in order to build a list. These two steps are simple enough, but seasoned SEO professionals will tell you that copy-and-paste pitches can become stale very quickly. Creativity should not be absent from the SEO process; for this reason, thinking about various pitches and rewording them according to the target is the right way to go.

Once the proposal has been accepted, the following step is to decide on the keywords that will be targeted before putting your favorite SEO tool to work. Whether you use Ahrefs or SEMRush, you will want to go on a hunt for the backlinks that the top 20 websites occupy on the Google search engine results page (SERP) for your keywords.

You need to build a good list of backlinks, preferably around 100 from the 20 websites you researched. Now comes the hard part, which is to get the right contact information for the individuals who actually granted the backlinks. Some of the largest SEO agencies build lists with thousands of links, but they turn them over to outsourcing companies in order to get the right information.

Getting in touch with the adequate party at the backlink may require an email message, a Twitter DM, or a telephone call. The idea is to let the contacts know you have seen their backlinks, and that you have clients submitting guest posts on the same topic. This could be an opening for a link exchange or for contributing content to websites. Keep in mind that even the most successful SEO agencies have a success rate of about 5% with this method, but it is certainly worth it. For more information click here

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