How to Use a Free Trial of an SEO Tool

Many SEO software tools offer a free trial for anywhere from seven to 30 days. Many don't require credit card information so they are risk free. If you don't find the tool effective, you won't get stuck paying for software you don't like. If there's no obligation, why not see if SEO software can improve your site's performance and save you time.

If you don't use any SEO software, prioritize features which are not available free online from other SEO software providers. Competitor analysis usually isn't available online without a charge. Take the opportunity to see why your competitors are outranking you. Find their strengths and copy them. Look at their link portfolio and see if you can get links from the same places, if they are high quality links. Look at the content which has the most backlinks and try to create even better content about the same topic.

Do a technical audit. It's easy to overlook things like missing ALT tags and duplicate title tags as you create content. Site audits by hand are possible, but very time consuming. Use your tree trial of SEO software wisely and do a technical site audit.

Do keyword research to find term people use when looking for a website like yours. While there's been a lot of talk about exact match keywords becoming obsolete, you still need to do research to discover the intent behind search terms and the volume of specific terms. You can use these terms in your marketing as well.

Use a broken link checker to scan your site for broken links. If you have a large site, this is a time-consuming process unless you automate it. Broken links make your site appear unprofessional.

To make the most of a free SEO software trial, start your trial when you have time to use it and not when you're busy with other projects. For more information click here

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