How to Save Money as a New Freelance SEO Provider

Deep Diving for Free SEO Tools

For an SEO freelancer the cost of good tools can be prohibitive. This is especially true for SEO freelancers that are just starting out. Having access to a few free SEO tools can be very useful. Here are some underrated free tools to help with search engine optimization.

There are a number of free plug-ins for Chrome that can help with SEO. One of the best is called SEO Minion. This tool excels at analyzing on-page SEO, a service that you may want to offer your clients. SEO Minion will also help with identifying broken links that can damage your SEO and affect rankings.

You can also find Chrome plug-ins for redirects and other issues that have an impact on SEO. Many times developers will overlook some free tools that aren't specifically related to SEO. What you have to remember is that optimizing a web page for search engines involves a lot of factors. You can find tools for checking links, meta tags, and other single elements.

If you happen to be working with Wordpress websites the All-in-One SEO plug-in is still one of the best free resources for developers. It will walk you through all of the basic steps that you need to take for SEO. Just enter in some basic information and the plug-in will create things like meta descriptions and tags.

Saving money at every opportunity should be on the mind of every SEO freelancer. It will be necessary to plunk down some money on some high-end tools. There is really no way to avoid this if you have a lot of clients. Don't overlook free tools even if you have a decent set that were paid for. There is no such thing as having too many SEO tools in your tool box. For more information click here

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