How to Interview for that SEO Job like a Boss

Now that the internet marketing field has greatly expanded, we are starting to see more job openings for search engine optimization professionals. Just a few years ago, the thought of SEO positions being posted on major online job boards was unthinkable; these days, they are no longer limited to digital marketing agencies. We are actually seeing mid-sized companies putting together their own online marketing departments and interviewing SEO professionals.

Recently, a rookie SEO practitioner with a small portfolio scanned online postings for open jobs, and he was contacted by a gourmet butcher shop specializing in delivery of fine cuts directly to the homes of customers. Ahead of his interview, this young applicant asked for some advice from an internet SEO forum, and he also shared the research he had already conducted. This SEO professional did what would be expected of him by a prospective client; he dove deep into the website and made good use of his Ahrefs and SEMRush accounts in order to figure out where the company stood in terms of keyword dominance.

The applicant was congratulated by his peers on doing research and analysis. Unless the prospective employer explicitly tells you what to expect, you cannot rule out the possibility of being interviewed by a seasoned SEO expert. Do not assume that you will be hired as the lead online marketing professional and that you will be able to outsource some SEO processes; try to do some research on the company and figure out if they have an in-house online marketing department. If this is the case, you will need to be extra sharp at the interview.

Even though there is always the possibility of getting an interviewer who may be a digital marketing professional out to test you, chances are that you will meet a hiring manager first. This means that you should not get technical and start talking shop right off the bat. Do not speculate about what Google may have in store for the search engine algorithm; try to steer the technical topics towards content marketing and social media strategies instead of structured data and on-page SEO. For more information click here

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