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The persistent evolution of SEO standards leads to many situations where different resources provide different instructions on how to better attain an advantage for the sake of a website's placement within SERPs. A career worker who has recently started studying SEO is likely to come across scenarios where the advanced insight of one resource is labeled incorrect by another resource's view on what counts as top-level SEO. It is virtually impossible for a resource to provide authoritative information that can be relied on to remain accurate and viable several years later, and even resources that explain the foundational principles of SEO need to be routinely updated. The "Beginner's Guide To SEO" that is hosted on is widely cited because of its efforts to keep itself up to date. In concept, Google's ranking algorithms seek to award high positions to websites that serve the interests of users who would search for the information those sites cover. The site's user experience quality is therefore a large part of what Google's crawlers are looking for. To optimize this, an SEO-minded web designer needs to minimize the site's loading times through methods such as using images with smaller file sizes, and the navigation and the internal links must make any given piece of the website's content easy to reach from anywhere else. Whether the content is divided by the right header tags is also important to its perceived accessibility. Nonetheless, there are factors to consider that are relevant mainly to the arbitrary standards set by search engines' algorithms rather than to the user experience. It costs Google to maintain its indexing procedure, so if the website is not doing what is necessary to minimize how thoroughly it has to be crawled, it will likely be placed lower in SERPs than otherwise. These steps include removing as many instances of duplicated content as is feasible, ensuring that all of the remaining content is relevant and not filled with difficult tags, providing a sitemap to guide crawlers, and using robots.txt to prevent crawlers from expending the effort to index irrelevant but still necessary pages. For more information click here

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