How to Generate Website Traffic the Smart Way

If you earn money from third-party advertising, you need website traffic to justify your advertising rates. Any reputable SEO expert will tell you that creating great content is the best way to get ranked higher in the SERPs so you'll get more traffic from search engines. This is usually true, but the top organic positions in some industries are sites with thin content and outdated designs. Google's algorithm isn't perfect. These sites can have an aged domain, lots of backlinks and traffic from their position in the SERPs so Google feels they have good content, even if they don't.

You can get more traffic too, by buying it. We don't recommend this at all, but sometimes it works. A Google search reveals companies promising niche traffic from real people, not bots. It can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 for 10,000 visitors.

If you buy traffic, make sure you can choose the country or countries your traffic comes from. You also want the company to spread your traffic out; 10,000 visitors in one day will look very suspicious to Google. At least one site claims they redirect visitors from dormant websites in a niche. This can lead to conversions as the visitors are already interested in your products or services.

Other traffic selling websites are traffic exchanges. You visit so many sites to earn points so people will visit yours. If you choose this route, the traffic is typically free, however, you pay for it with your time. Good exchanges let you ask visitors to navigate to another page on your website or stay there for a period of time so you don't have a high bounce rate.

If you're smart, you can ask your friends and family to visit your site instead of buying traffic. It won't greatly increase your traffic, but it is a legitimate method for increasing your traffic because it's promoting your site by word of mouth. For more information click here

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