How to Find a Content Creator for Better SEO Results

Normally, a skilled SEO freelancer will charge about $50 to $75 per hour. You can expect to pay $500 to $1,500 per month in the United States, more for a highly skilled professional. For $500 per month, you may get a keyword optimized blog post, one social media post and a link or two, but not much more. India-based SEO professionals charge less than U.S.-based SEO experts.

Global SEO costs almost twice the price of local SEO. This is because of translations and region-specific keyword research. Local SEO costs less because it is easier to build citations than it is to get backlinks.

You may find someone just starting out in the U.S. charging less than the going rate. This is risky as the person may not realize how much time it takes to do what they promised. The individual may cut corners to fulfill promises or outsource the work to unproven people who don't do a good job.

The most common outsourced task for SEO is content creation. Understandably, many SEO experts can't shoot great videos or create infographics as quickly or as well as someone who specializes in these tasks. Some freelancers, as well as some SEO agencies, routinely outsource certain tasks. Reliable freelancers have people they outsource to who always do a good job.

If you're looking for a freelancer to do SEO for you, Fivver is a popular choice, as is Upwork. You can find SEO professionals with specific skills, such as WordPress SEO or local search optimization. Always look for a freelancer with at least some technical knowledge. There could be one thing making you rank lower, such as accidentally having Google crawl your privacy policy page and not your home page. Experienced professionals will check for obvious, easy fixes first, especially when they see a site ranking lower than it should before they begin. For more information click here

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