How To Fight Black Hat SEO With These Easy Tactics

The most profitable niches use to have the highest levels of competition. That leads certain marketers to use black hat techniques in SEO, looking to rank their pages regardless of the search engine rules.

The engine manipulation techniques of black hat SEO can force Google to position a misleading website on the first page of a search term, making worse the experience of Google users.

Luckily, there are many techniques that legit SEOs can use to get over the unfair tricks that these marketers use.

Why Black Hat SEOs Are Fighting A Losing Battle

You may be aware that these marketers have plenty of short-term advantages over average website owners. Unlike the white hat SEO, they can use shortcuts to save a lot of money and time to rank.

Mind that the only objective of Google is to provide its users with an organized system to find useful information. Websites that use unethical techniques are sacrificing the user experience to rank higher on the SERPs, which makes their lifespan very short.

How To Win In SEO Despite Unethical Marketing

If you have noticed many black hat SEOs marketing around your niche, you may be wondering how to beat them on their own game. How can you get over someone who uses faster and better tools?

It may be nearly impossible to outcompete black hat SEOs, but Google makes it quite easy for us to get rid of them. Whenever you find proof about unethical practices, you can report the situation to the team of Google, and they will take care of the rest.

Google encourages any user to inform about any suspicious activity on the search engine, so they can keep with their purpose of providing relevant information on the Internet.

In the rare case where you prefer competing directly with black hat SEOs, you may want to consider grey-hat SEO. These practices take advantage of the undefined details of Google’s rules, and their risk is fairly lower than black hat SEO.

Unethical marketers will eventually lose their progress and website, and the white hat is the only sustainable strategy to create your online presence. For more information click here

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