How Search Engines Use A Site's URL

While search engines' crawlers take the contents of a given website's URL into account when grading it for how high it will appear in results pages, the amount of influence the URL has on these rankings is very downplayed. The URL's most important function is ultimately to identify the website and the current page to both viewers and search engines on a technical level. Some website owners may be compelled by this to think that the URL should contain not only the full name of the company but also fully spelled words that reflect the industry and primary service the company provides. The descriptive terms that may be included in the URL can even be among the keywords featured throughout the content. However, the ideal maximum length for a given URL is usually fifty characters because users with mobile phones will have a much more repetitive time entering URLs letter by letter. The website in this case would ultimately do better by its intended audience by prioritizing user experience over a slight advantage in search engine prominence this way. The URL's contents should therefore be either the company's name plus a single descriptive term or a pair of initials corresponding to the company name followed by one or two descriptive words. Search engines' ranking algorithms regularly place more importance on the contents of websites' title tags and meta tags regardless, and title tags typically feature the full company name and several keywords to inform crawlers and viewers of what both the individual page and the overall website are about. The title tag effectively stands in for the purposes of having a long and descriptive URL, so it is usually not a good idea to have this kind of URL and then create shorter versions that link to the same domain via 301 Redirects. In many browsers, the tab displaying a given web page's title is usually located above the URL bar; this often results in the website's audience being able to clearly see the company's name and recognize how the initials included in the URL correspond to that name. For more information click here

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