How Recent Graduates Learn Seo for Free

A person says they are a new college graduate in a field that has nothing to do with information technology, marketing or web design. They want to know how search engine optimization works. They want to know where to start. The person added that they are broke and unemployed, so they need a free resource.

One person suggested Coursera, which has an online SEO class. It includes background and exercises. The first course also has a list of sources for additional help. The original person then asked how a person knows whether or not their SEO worked. A person responded and said that the person would have to create their own site, find a niche, create content and try it. This person added that there are a lot of well-known free resources. Those include, Webmaster blog and YouTube channels. Medium, blogs and paid courses at Udemy are also options.

Another person agreed with the others. They also suggested that the person apply for jobs where they can learn SEO. A person suggested a website called Acadium. It is a place where a person can implement SEO. They basically work for free for three months for different companies around the world. It can be added to the person's resume or CV.

Somebody else added that the original poster should take some time to learn more about computer science. They suggested coding, databases, data indexing and algorithms. Then the SEO would make more sense. The person also suggested finding and following some SEO experts. Several others suggested that the original poster make their own site. A free keyword research tool would help. A Google Analytics account and Search Console account are free and useful.

A lot of people in the thread expressed annoyance. The same questions get asked over and over again. This is a sign that newcomers to the thread do not bother to use any of the search functions in order to get the answers that people have already provided to the same question. This kind of annoyance causes experienced SEO providers to leave threads and not provide help. For more information click here

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