How Freelancers Can Perform A Comprehensive SEO Audit For A Website

If you're an SEO freelancer, you may decide to offer potential clients an SEO audit so you can make recommendations. Audits are ideal to determine how much work a website needs to rank well. It's hard to determine a monthly retainer when you don't know what needs to be done. Audits are a complete SEO assessment of a website.

Most SEO agencies offer free audits to business owners. They usually use SEO software, such as SEMRush Site Audit for a technical audit. Other site audit software includes WooRank and SEOptimer. SEOptimer is free and you can get a white label report to show potential clients. It's rare for an SEO agency to offer site audits by hand because they are so time consuming.

Comprehensive site audits usually include looking for:

Technical Issues - This can include everything from page loading speed to alt tags for images. This is the easiest part to automate with software. You may want to do small sites by hand, but not larger websites.

Competitor Analysis - Identifies competitors and look for opportunities for keywords they are not using.

Link Audit - A comprehensive audit will include a list of your backlinks, It should also show if they are from authoritative sites.

Content Audit - A content audit looks for keyword usage and identify keywords that will drive more qualified traffic.

If you want to offer extra, perform social media audits. Determine how many people like, comment on and share posts. Make recommendations based on what competitors do to help clients increase engagement.

When you offer free audits, qualify your offer. A website with a hundred or more pages will take you longer to audit than a smaller site. Many free tools also limit how many pages they will check. You also want to explain what elements you're auditing. For more information click here

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