How a Person Earned a Side Income from Publishing Content

A couple of years ago, a professional in the field of search engine optimization decided to become his own client. He had heard about event blogging, a strategy that consists of publishing content about upcoming events that generate web searches in anticipation. The original intent was to focus on movies scheduled to be released in the near future, and he chose WordPress as the platform; domain registration and hosting was handled by Namecheap for less than $27.

With four blog posts about upcoming film releases, the website administrator was disappointed at the traffic. He had greater expectations based on what he had read about event blogging, but the results were largely underwhelming. The scant traffic did not even justify opening a Google AdSense account or even looking for advertising banners to profit from. Undeterred, he deleted the four posts and shifted his focus and efforts on something that he believed would generate even more steady traffic: content about academic examinations in India.

The first few posts about the exams dealt with the basics; we are talking about dates, books, study guides, eligibility, and the opinions of test takers about overall difficulty. This blog transformation started in January 2019, and the website admin decided to follow the current SEO recommendation of posting articles with at least a thousand words. Three months later, his new blog was getting about 1,000 visitors per month, and this is when he decided to increase word count and frequency of posting.

A few months later, the longer and more frequent articles were attracting more than 10,000 visitors per month. The only optimization until this point was technical and on-page; there was nothing related to inbound linking or even social media accounts. The next step was to obtain and post a practice test, which ended up increasing website traffic to more than 12,000 unique visitors per month, and this justified placement of a banner plus internal links to generate more internal traffic.

As of late January, this project is earning $400 per month, and there is only one Twitter account promoting the content. The total amount of the investment has been a little more than $170. The lesson learned here is that patience and diligent work can go a long way in the SEO sector. For more information click here

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