Hit or Miss SEO Target Strategies

When you are trying to boost the ranking of your site, SEO is the first thing that probably comes to mind. If you have a niche site, trying too hard with SEO might make your content seem contrived. One content developer and site manager discovered that by not specifically trying to use SEO, the site actually got more traffic and impressions for keywords that they might not have thought of. This resulted in a better rank than what was expected, more visits and more time spent on the site per visit. This developer wanted to know what other people thought about the idea of dropping targeted keywords for niche sites. One person who wrote back to the developer said that it could be a good idea. This person also remarked that it never hurts to do a keyword search for obscure topics. Another strategy suggested by this person is to publish the article without using targeted keywords. Wait a month in order to see what level of traffic arrives and which keywords the visitors used in order to get there. Take a look at those key phrases and keywords and use those as your SEO in order to update the page a month or two after it goes live. This can be accomplished efficiently with Google Search Console. A few people argued back that keyword density should not matter. After all, content is written for a person and not an algorithm. However, many more people argue that keywords do matter. Too high of a keyword density is also a problem. Too low of a density might make your niche site more difficult for people to find. Over the past year or two, the algorithms have shifted slightly from a heavy focus on keywords and their density. The algorithms now scout out fresh content, the time spent on the content and the relevancy of the content to what the person searched for. The majority of people suggested going for it and monitoring the traffic and ranking for a while. Doing this on one or two articles should not have negative effects. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/aw419b/haveanyofyoudroppedtheideaoftargetting/.

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