Here's How Social Media Elements Can Boost Your Website SEO

If you use social media to draw attention to your online business, you can double the content's value by placing it on your website. If you use Instagram, Pinterest or another image-intensive social media platform, you will have good quality, high resolution photos. Make use of these images and their related copy by placing them on your website.

Social Media Icons

The first step in social media integration is to place icons on your site so people can follow you on social media. Put them in several places and include a call-to-action, such as follow us on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is the least you should be doing. You can use these buttons to determine which social media platforms your customers use, so you know where to concentrate your efforts.

Live Feeds

You can embed posts from Facebook or tweets from Twitter on your website, but the result often looks out of place if you use the tools provided by the platform. Embedding YouTube videos works better as the video player fits smoothly in most websites. You can use the APIs social media platforms offer if you want to style the feed yourself, but this takes programming experience. You can also find plugins to create feeds from various social media platforms online that you can customize.

Social Proof

Proof of your organization's popularity with others increases a consumer's trust in you. It also removes one of the barriers to purchase. People like to know what their peers are doing, and they will stay on a site longer if they see how other people interact with your products or services.

Additional Content

Content is good for SEO. If you don't want to use live feeds, you can always copy some of your best social media content and place the content on your website as a blog post. It's instant content already optimized for your visitors. For more information click here

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