Here are Some Examples of Currently Used Toxic SEO Tactics

When a website SEO specialist looked at their client's site data, they discovered that it was ranking for about 540 keywords. Ten of the pages had less than 1,000 words total. Back links made up 3,500 of the ranking aspects. They all had low domain authority. Many of the back links were broken. They were not showing as toxic per the SEM Rush service. The marketer believes that their client paid for all the back links.

After the marketer logged into the site behind the scenes, they found only the 10 pages with less than 1,000 words that appeared to have issues. They crawled the site and found that there were 450 total pages. There was no site map. All of the pages were indexed by Google. Some of the pages only had HTML and were not ranking.

The marketer went to one of the links, and it just went to the home page. The text had been replaced by images of text. When they scrolled to the bottom, they saw an H1 title. After clicking it, paragraphs of text appeared. The person continued looking at the back end of the site. They found a folder with PHP scripts. There was one that generated pages with reworded content. It uses specified keywords. It duplicates the home page. This is only visible if a person clicks on the plain title. The title gives no indication that it can be clicked.

This marketer copied some of the paragraphs of content generated by the PHP script. There were not any Google warnings. The person went on to find clients with the same thing done on their sites and the same words. Google states swapping and hiding text for boosting SEO is against guidelines and could incur penalties.

The marketer wanted to know what the risk of getting a penalty is now or in the future. If the site is going to keep its current rankings, it has to avoid penalties. All of those problem pages have to be updated. They plan to import new pages with a WordPress installation that is properly configured. For more information click here

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