Heatmapping Your Website: Your User Experience, Quantified

Heatmapping Your Website: Your User Experience, Quantified

Few things in life are truly equal. This sentiment includes the Internet, and the billions of web pages - knowing how vast the World Wide Web is, the count is likely in the trillions - it contains.

Owners and operators of websites engage in various techniques, strategies, and applications of ideologies to boost traffic, increase lead conversions, and ultimately achieve higher customer revenues. Collecting data and later analyzing it is often an effective tool for improving website performance.

The conversion rate of a web page refers to how frequently visitors are converted into paying customers, subscribers, or otherwise seek something the website operator is looking for. Also considered a conversion could be how frequently any given visitor creates an account with that particular website - in other words, any positive interaction with a website could be considered a conversion, depending on what the webmaster, another term for the chief operator of a website, wants his or her visitors to do after they visit.

The Power Of Heatmaps

Heatmaps are a type of graph that visually represents data. Heatmaps are often used in countless trades or areas of business and research, including seeking insight into website performance.

More specifically, heatmaps are used by digital marketers and webmasters to visualize which areas of a website Internet users have interacted with most frequently. Data often concerns which parts of a given web page experience the most mouse pointer movements, which digital buttons are clicked most frequently, and even - given it's possible for a webmaster to obtain such information - which areas visitors' eyes glaze over most frequently.

Like other things in website performance optimization, several tools exist for creating heatmaps. Let's cover a two popular heatmapping tools, their cost, and most desired benefits.


This heatmapping tools features eight unique tests. To subscribe to Hotjar, its three plans include basic, plus, and business, starting from $89 per month, with analysis beginning at the capacity of 20,000 daily views.


CrazyEgg comes with a two-month, free, no-obligation trial. It also offers sufficient sample sizes for deriving inferences from relevant data.

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