Google's SEO Algorithm Most Likely Ranks Based On This Factor

The SEO landscape has certainly undergone an evolution in recent years. Gone are the days when a keyword-rich article was virtually guaranteed a good ranking. Today, Google looks at the quality of content.

No one is precisely sure how Google ranks content. The search giant safeguards its algorithms. The best way to determine how Google determines quality of content can often be research of other content that is ranking high. This can usually provide some clues about the quality factor.

Some claim that popularity metrics are the key to Google's appraisal. These SEO experts reckon that Google does not have the express ability to use an algorithm for such an abstract concept as quality. After all, quality can be subjective.

Google may use data such as traffic volume and backlinks. The amount of time individuals spend on a web page may also be given considerable weight. Google may reason that pages which don't provide quality content on a subject will not hold a visitor's interest, causing them to click off in a matter of seconds. High bounce rates aren't good in any circumstance.

Still others suggest that Google prefers to look for bad content as opposed to good content. High rankings for articles that contain good content could be the product of fluff websites being punished. As these sites which offer little value fall off the radar, the sites that offer quality content will naturally rise to the top.

There may not be a way to know precisely how Google determines the quality of web content. What can be known for certain is that Google does somehow have a way to recognize which websites are offering the most value to web visitors. It is in the best interest of any content marketer to strive for engaging content that offers high value. For more information click here

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