Google Search Algorithm Getting Better at Detecting Lazy SEO

With every year that passes, trends and design practices relating to getting one's website highly ranked in a given Google SERP are further codified in terms of what is the most likely to satisfy Google's search ranking algorithms. More relevantly, particular aspects of SEO that either have been overlooked or have only recently begun taking shape in the industry are becoming less easily ignored as factors that web designers and digital marketers must also take into account.

Google continues to update its concealed algorithms in order to counteract any recent exploits that web designers may happen upon. It is well known by this point, however, that a large factor in what Google deems successful SEO is referred to as the search service's "EAT principle." On top of providing audience-pleasing content that shows "expertise" in the subject matter covered, a successful website must exhibit "authority" by being cited by other prominent sites in the same industry. Furthermore, it must maintain its "trustworthiness" by organically minimizing the amount of negative word-of-mouth it could cause with issues like incorrect content and substandard service quality.

It is also becoming more important than ever that a website's SEO efforts are not limited to repeating the same static keyword throughout its content. The algorithms more readily award ranking credit to pages that mention many closely related terms as part of content that has a clear theme. Regarding the syntax set up to perform SEO in the background, the algorithms are becoming more adept at determining whether the website's UI and UX fall behind standards already met by competing sites. In the past, providing easily graspable UX design was primarily done to help maintain a website's positive reputation with users, but the algorithm is increasingly viewing that as a requirement for the highest page rankings.

Even technological advancements beyond the scope of the Internet are being taken into account. For example, more households are adopting smart speaker technology for use in day-to-day life, which is subsequently leading to a steady increase in the relevance that designing a website to support voice search has on its SERP placement. For more information click here

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