Gain Content Support and Credibility with Authoritative .edu Backlinks

Webmasters treasure .edu backlinks, but unless the link is from a relevant, authoritative website with, they carry no more weight than other links. A link from Harvard or Yale is great because their websites have authority, but a link from is pretty much worthless. bought their domain before 2001, when anybody could buy a .edu domain extension.

You can get a worthwhile .edu backlink if you create an original piece of in-depth content, such as a guide to a profession with links to relevant websites. Market your content to professors and teaching assistants on social media.

Interview students studying in your niche at a local community college. Call the college and see if one of the teachers will ask for volunteers from their class. Focus the interview on career aspirations, balancing parenthood and school or whatever makes sense for your website. Create an excellent piece which the college and local media would be proud to link to online. You will also gain traffic and shares from the interviewee's friends and family.

Volunteer to speak at a seminar for students. Since many colleges and universities offer marketing, SEO and entrepreneurial courses, you can talk about how you grew your website and the challenges of working for yourself. Most seminars list the speaker's website along with their qualifications.

Getting .edu links requires enormous effort compared to getting other types of links, both in content creation and outreach. Some .edu links are not going to be worth the effort since Google looks at the site's authority; you will not get extra credit for having an .edu website link to your content. However, if you want to round out your backlink profile, a few .edu links are ideal. Everyone should have a link profile with backlinks from different types of websites in the same niche. For more information click here

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