Four Excellent Books to Add to Your SEO Reference Library

By virtue of being a discipline that completely unfolds online, many basic and advanced topics on search engine optimization can be learned on various websites managed by seasoned experts. Many SEO practitioners will tell you that the best way to learn is by following old pros who keep active Twitter accounts; while this is undoubtedly great advice, there will always be individuals who prefer learning by means of reading books.

Online SEO tutorials and case studies will work for many, and the reality of SEO is that the book offerings are not as numerous as some people would like. Once SEO is formally incorporated as a college course, and we are starting to see this in a few digital marketing curricula, SEO textbooks will become more common. In the meantime, here are some recommendations:

Storynomics - Robert McKee

While this is not a book that deals specifically with SEO, it is highly recommended for anyone working in the expansive field of online marketing. As its title indicates, this book looks at how the ancient practice of storytelling plays an important role in economics.

Landing Page Optimization - Tim Ash

This book is all about putting theory into practice, and it is highly specific on the topic of conversions. If you like technical information, Tim Ash will give you plenty of it.

Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice - Donald Metzler

This is the closest we can get to a technical analysis of how internet search engines work from an academic point of view. Since search engines are highly programmatic, this book goes into research that can be put into practice with coding exercises. If you want to get a practical idea of how the secretive Google search algorithm works, this book is a solid first step.

The Art of SEO - O'Reilly Media

Programming and web development are disciplines practiced on digital platforms, but this has not stopped O'Reilly Media from publishing dozens upon dozens of books on such subjects. O'Reilly is a publisher you can trust, and this book features the writings of renowned authors such as Rand Fishkin. For more information click here

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