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A person who is just getting established in search engine optimization (SEO) wanted to know if any other SEO marketers had some good podcasts to recommend. Podcasts are ideal for listening to while commuting, exercising, doing household tasks or having a coffee break. They offer an entertaining way to learn and stay connected with professionals and new updates in the industry.

This person is looking for podcasts that focus on skills and best practices for SEO. One person replied and said that a podcast called Experts on the Wire is their favorite podcast to listen to. It is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Another person wrote back and said that they like SEO Fight Club for its nice combination of humor and guidance. A different person responded with a suggestion of Happy Cake Day.

Some other people also wrote back with suggestions. One was the SAS SEO Podcast. This recommender said that its content goes more into the details of SEO than a lot of other podcasts do. Someone else suggested Good Text on SEO as a podcast for a person who wants to learn some fresh SEO skills.

A few people had some additional suggestions on related topics on marketing, visibility and SEO. One of those was the Exposure Ninjas audio book, which covers different types of SEO as well as other online marketing and SERP information. Someone else recommended the Authority Hacker podcast. This person said that they met the hosts of the podcast in Chiang Mai in 2019. They added that those podcast hosts know a lot about SEO and how to increase the authority and SERP of a site's pages.

The original poster added that they are looking for podcasts on advanced SEO. This person should narrow their search to the type of SEO. For example, local SEO or small business SEO. Someone else added that this question gets asked of the marketing community a lot. They found the repetition frustrating and suggested that this person take the time to search the archive of past posts about this topic for an efficiency increase. For more information click here

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