Effective Content Pruning Can Do Wonders For Your Ranking

Uneven SEO ranking for certain pages is something that sometimes happens when new content is added. In some cases, site administrators are able to spot the issue; perhaps headings were missed, images were not tagged or the content lags in terms of quality when compared to other pages that are ranking well. When this happens, it helps to go into the Google Search Console and making a note of the impressions taking place. When new content fails to make a splash despite its freshness, some pruning and improving may go a long way in terms of optimization. Content pruning involves technical on-page SEO as well as creative rewriting; the idea is to make adjustments that search engine algorithms will pick up on. Let's say a featured blog post about London travel is ranking lower than previously published evergreen content on the same topic. The portions of the article that are getting impressions according to the Search Console should be left as they are; however the surrounding content can be rewritten in a semantic manner, adding longtail key phrases and thematic sentences. The next step should be to look at the title, headings and subheadings to ensure they are optimized for primary keywords. This being 2019, it really helps to add images and video that not only augment the message but are also properly tagged. In the case of a London travel post, a fresh video of a walking tour would optimize, but it should include location highlights as part of the tagged description. Content pruning should always add value to a post. Reports about new tourism highlights such as shopping trips, escape rooms, and Instagram-friendly spots are examples of adding value. Information about prices should include reference dates and exchange rates. As Google SEO liaison directors have said on more than one occasion: good content should be inspired by multiple sources. Rewriting a single article will not help with regard to ranking; getting information from 10 top results will help. This should be kept in mind when pruning content: a diversity of tidbits on the same topic will likely rank higher than monolithic content. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/ae57os/isitpossibletorewriteanalready_published/.

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