Doubt and SEO: Maintaining Your Confidence When Facing Struggles

Feelings of inadequacy are often experienced by professionals, artists, and athletes who become successful through their work and performance, but who can't help but think that their achievements are not entirely related to excellence. We are not talking about luck for that is a factor that is more easily identifiable; in the specific case of search engine optimization, self-doubt arises when you realize that you have simply applied strategies shared by your peers.

If you are the kind of SEO professional who objectively follows strategies found on established websites such as, there is a chance that you may doubt your own competence. Your clients may give you kudos for your work, and you may feel elated when analytics reports show that the websites of your clients are not only climbing up the search engine results page but also getting plenty of organic traffic, but all you did was follow advice that you did not come up with on your own.

Doubting your own SEO competence is compounded by an unfortunate reality: There are quite a few scammers operating in this sector, and clients may keep you on a short leash for this reason. You should be feeling good for yourself after working on a project that elevates SERP ranking for your clients and elevates their brand, but there may be a nagging feeling that your clients may think you just pulled some strings to get results.

Until the day SEO becomes more than just a couple of courses in a digital marketing curriculum leading to a bachelor's degree, many professionals will run into feelings of inadequacy. While this may be an irrational thought, one of the best ways to avoid it is to diversify your skills. There is a natural link between SEO and digital marketing, which is simply a progression of a professional field that has been practiced for centuries, and which also ties in to public relations. If getting backlinks through reaching out to high-authority websites is something you are good at, sharpen this skill and offer it to your clients; you will never feel shame if a client is organically linked to by the likes of the Wall Street Journal thanks to your work. For more information click here

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