Don't be fooled by GoDaddy's newest SEO scheme

GoDaddy is one of the most popular names in the businesses of providing Internet services. Although its name is widely known, named and anonymous sources across the Internet have claimed that many of GoDaddy's services, namely its brand new "Search Engine Visibility" services, are bunk, or at least not worthy of the price they charge.

One user, somewhere on the vast digital landscape that is the world wide web, shared that they purchased 10 hours' worth of work from GoDaddy for roughly $500. 10 hours of search engine optimization services typically covers lots of bases, and would lend a solid platform to sites hoping to get found on search engines across the world wide web.

Most all search engine optimization services pump out articles directly related to the line of business that clients operate in. Articles and blog posts provide meaningful content that web users are likely to click on, therefore spending time on the site trying to gain popularity. This results in momentum for such web pages to rise to the top of search engines.

At least, it's supposed to.

Several reviewers around the Internet have reported that these articles take far too long than necessary to write them. The same user mentioned above reported that they received just one article for the $500-plus bill footed in the name of 10 hours of work.

That article had just 200 words. How long did it take to write? Including research before any writing took place, the article took a whopping five hours - 300 minutes - to finish. Virtually everyone on planet Earth has written things before, and 200 words should never take that long to produce.

Also included in those ten hours were three links on forums in the form of comments, which weren't good for search engine optimization services because they couldn't be followed once clicked, rendering them ineffective.

That user, as most people with half a brain would be, was not impressed with the service they received. After contacting GoDaddy and asking for help, they claimed the services were good enough, as the manager was an expert with ten years' experience.

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