Do You Know How the Google URL Inspector Really Works?

Google's Search Console URL Inspection Tool lets you see how Google views your website. Before you worry about how your site ranks in the search results, make sure there are no problems with how the search engine discovers, crawls and indexes your site.

You'll see if your website can appear on Google and if it was indexed. If everything is okay, great. If your website is not on Google now, use the Test Live URL to see if there was a problem with your URL and Google took a manual action to remove it or your site is no longer available. Without Test Live URL, you're seeing the most recently indexed version of your site.

Check the crawl section. This will tell you if Google encountered any problems crawling your site. You want Google's web crawlers to look at the page you want them to and follow links on the pages. Can you imagine someone not knowing what they are doing on your website and blacking Google from crawling certain important pages, or even the whole site, with blocked by robots.txt. You would want to know this ASAP.

Google's Search Console URL Inspection Tool will also inform you of any mobile usability issues. This is helpful if someone else built your website. Google can tell you if the font is too small for mobile users or if clickable items are too close to each other.

You can boost your rank in the search results with this tool by eliminating problems with Google crawling and indexing your website. The search engine offers very useful information the their Search Console besides the URL Inspection Tool. If you can't understand why your site isn't ranking well in Google, get the answers straight from Google. Naturally, if you make changes, it will take some time to see a difference. For more information click here

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